Location : BELGIUM 5575 Louette-Saint-Denis , welcome to the municipality of Gedinne on the border of the provinces of Namur and Luxembourg. The extensive forests and the endless valleys of the Houille, the Semois an the Meuse (Fr) and in it the authentic villages are an ideal landscape for hiking, cycling, MTB, kayaking, horse riding, and even cross-country skiing.

The holiday home Alouette is located at 420m altitude at 15 km from the Semois valley. You drive in 20 min through a beautiful landscape relaxing to Bouillon, Alle, Vresse... but also to the Meuse valley or to the caves of Han.

You stay in the center of the village. You are already in the forest in a few minutes and walk around the village or to Gedinne via numerous hiking trails.

The house dates back to the end of the 19th century and has been restored with respect for authenticity. It can accommodate 10 adults, 5 children, 2 babies.




On the Groundfloor we find the Living, Kitchen, Staircase, Barn and Garden.


Seating area

In the living room of 40m² there is space for 16 people in the sitting area and the dining area. The living room is heated with central heating, but you can also use the wood stove.

Dining table



In the kitchen of 25m² you can sit at a long table with 12 people, plus an extra table of 4. The kitchen is equipped with a double sink, refrigerator, dishwasher, oven and microwave. You'll find enough cutlery, plates and pans.


Staircase and Barn


Through the kitchen you come into the staircase with an extra fridge with freezer , a 2m long coat rack, a shoe rack and an additional closet with kitchen appliances. There is also a toilet.



In the barn of 50m² : sink with washing machine and freezer, garden furniture, an outdoor ping-pong table.



The garden of 750m² has a flat area with barbecue and a slope with trees and shrubs, the ideal playground for children or to build a camp.


Floors 1 and 2

On the floors 1 and 2 there are 5 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.

Floor 1

On the 1st floor there are 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom.

Bedroom 1
Bathroom 1
Bathroom 1
Bedroom 2
Bedroom 3

Floor 2

On the 2nd floor there are 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom.

Bedroom 4
Bedroom 5

Bathroom 2
Bathroom 2


Rent Information

The beds have duvets and pillows.You need to bring: bath and kitchen linen; sheets and pillows cover or rent them for 10 euro per bed; kitchen linen; dishwashers; toilet paper. No shoes allowed on the floors. Unfortunately we cannot allow pets. Smoking in the building is also not allowed.

The rates include cleaning and costs:

  • normal midweek : 450€
  • normal weekend : 470€
  • school holiday midweek : 485€
  • school holiday weekend : 485€



These are some activities away. There is a lot of information about getting out and sightseeing in the holiday home.

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Hiking and mountain biking

When we start close to home we have all the woods and rolling fields wqith beautiful views in the area and right from the holiday home Alouette. There are hiking and MTB maps per main town : Gedinne, Bièvre and Vresse. These are available in the Office du Tourisme of Gedinne.

For mountain biking enthusiasts, all ingredients are available: forest paths, field roads, slightly sloping but also often steep; over rocky soil or blubber and even through shallow crossing points through small rivers. You can use the bike to get your heart right here. There are many mountain bike tracks nearby: close to the farm or a little further away, long or short, difficult or somewhat easier for the beginner. The experienced biker may already know them : the routes around Gedinne, Paliseul or at Vresse and Bohan in the Semois region.

La Chiquetterie - 5km

This is a tavern/pancake house with a herb garden (can be visited), a shop and a goat farm. This pub is run by a Flemish family. In the shop they sell homemade herbal products (including tea, mother tinctures, liqueurs), goat cheese and honey.

Bison Ranch Orchimont - 9km

Here you will find everything that has to do with the Bison: the Bisons grazing in the hilly meadows, a western village with real saloon (which also serves dishes be made with real bison meat), the original tipi or Indian tent. Possibility of guided tours.

Jardin des Hiboux - 11km

Stroll through the garden and discover these intriguing and mighty birds that we call the bird of prey. A unique afternoon where you can walk in a cacti garden, with medicinal plants and of course the birds of prey demonstration where the birds fly in full flight. You will never see a bird so close! And why not have an afternoon snack or picnic in the insect garden.

Récréalle : Kajak Minigolf Snooker Bowling... - 21km

In the domain of Récréalle you have the possibility of various activities : Kayak, aqua bike, e-karting, bowling, archery, wall climbing, cycling and mountain biking (rental), snooker, table tennis, mini golf, trampolining, paintball,... In the tavern you can have a drink and a simple meal.

Kayak : Beginner or expert, choose your kayak departure based on time of the departure. Cross beautiful villages such as Botassart, Poupehan, Rochehaut, Frahan, Alle sur semois, Vresse and Membre, from Boullion to Bohan. Embark on one of the most beautiful kayaking adventures in Wallonia!

Karting Bouillion - 24km

Test your reflexes and handling skills on the open-air track. The course is 400m long and has very fast corners. Thrills and fun guaranteed. There are chrono rides and organized competitions possible with reservation.

Swimming Pool of Givet 25km

The largest swimming pool nearby is located in the French town of Givet (about 25 km from the house). It's highly recommended and has a large recreational pool and a 25 m swimming pool. For the smallest children there are several shallow pools including a large lagoon of 60 m2. There are also slides and a 72 m long slide. In addition to water recreation, there is also a gym and a bowling alley. In short, all the ingredients for a all day water and swimming fun for the entire family.

Parc Animalier de Bouillion - 25km

This domain has an animal park, a large playground and a restaurant. Among the animals there are wallabies, a jaguar, monkeys, a bear, peacocks, tigers, owls, ostriches,...

Fort of Bouillon - 26km

Beautifully situated fortress along the twists of the river Semois. During the summer, during the holidays, medieval pageants are often staged and there are falcon shows.

Castle of Lavaux-sainte-Anne - 27km

A castle dating back to the 13th century. The castle can be visited and inside you will also find an exhibition of nature and hunting. Outside the castle you will find a route where you can get acquainted with the flora and fauna of wet areas of de la Famenne.

Euro Space Center - 28km

The only amusement park about space in Europe! Interesting and educational space center for young and old. Including a spectacular course with headphones, a giant solar system, sundial, space probes,...

Domain of the Caves van Han - 29km

This is the world famous cave complex which is a must see. You drive with a little train along a beautiful route to the entrance of the cave and inside you will find the more spectacular world of the millions of years old limestone caves through which the Lesse flows. On the domain you will also find a safari park with many native animals of these regions. Definitely recommend for children. And of course also for children: the large playground where they can play to their heart's content. Afterwards there are plenty of restaurants with terraces to have a drink or something to eat.

Fourneaux saint Michel - 41km

Fourneaux saint Michel is a complex consisting of an open-air museum of country life with farms and old crafts. There is a section on the metalworking with an oven from the 18th century and a museum about the former metal industry from the region.

Furfooz - 43km

Furfooz is a nature reserve with a special microclimate and therefore special plants. In the reserve there is also a Roman excavation from the Middle Ages.

Castle of Freyrmet - 46km

A Renaissance chateau with 18th century gardens in a beautiful setting. Leave inspire you by the historical, cultural and natural wealth of the Domain of Freÿr.

Gardens of water of Annevoie - 54km

Water garden dating from the 18th century. In the gardens 3 styles are combined; the English, the French and the Italian style. If you like gardens you really shouldn't miss this one. Highly recommended.

Abbey of Orval 57km

Actually there are 2 abbeys: the ruins of the old and a new one. Here The brewery of the well-known Orval beer is of course also located.

House of Megaliths in Wéris 67km

The traces of our ancestors can be found here. Everywhere in the landscape you can see the erected stones view. There is also a museum for more information.

Cross-country skiing and winter - 5km

In winter, when there is enough snow, cross-country skiing is the main activity. Delicious with the whole family or group of friends glide through the snowy fields and forests. This is, especially if the snow stays lie on the branches, as if you are in a fairytale world: silence, vastness and fresh, healthy air.

There are 3 cross-country skiing centers near Alouette: one in Haut-Fays, and 2 in the nature reserve of Croix-Scaille (10 min away). Skis can be rented at these centers for half or full day. Some towns and cities in the area are certainly worth a visit. You can visit combine a town like this with a nice walk in the neighborhood, a little "shopping" and something to eat and/or drink on a cafe or restaurant.


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