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Welcome to the Vacation House in "Alouette-Saint-Denis"

The house, built in a quiet alley that gives way to one of the main roads of the village rue d’Houdremont belongs to the little village core of Alouette-Saint-Denis. (To avoid confusion there is an other village called verry similar Alouette-Saint-Pierre.)

Alouette-Saint-Denis belongs to a beautifull scenery that largely consists of woods and farmers open spaces and a nice ways to enjoy this beautifull nature are takinging a walk or riding the bike/mountanbike. La Croix-Scaille is 9km far and is the 5th highest point of Belgium. A river called Semois is 15km away and hiring boats is very popular there during spring and fall there.Nearby cities are Alle, Vresse, Membre, Bohan. Daytrips taking more distance and time towards Bouillon, Redu, St. Hubert, Givet and Charleville-Mézières are really worhty.During winter langlaufpistes are nearby on 4km.


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